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Military Men and Police Officers play a major role in the national security by protecting the natives of a specific county and fighting for the people of that country. Being an indispensable part of our country, they require excellent grade supplies that can render them proper protection while on duty and to fight with the oppositions more comfortably. Thus, to deal in a broad array of Military and Police Supplies, Clothes and Uniforms, we, China Hengtai Group Co.,Limited came into existence. We are a Hong Kong based company that has been indulged in exporting and producing Military and Police Supplies like Bulletproof Helmet, Army Boot, Military Tent, and more.

Our Collection

China Hengtai Group Co.,Limited is a specialist in developing/fabricating and designing a huge assortment of Military and Police Supplies in various ranges, models and sizes. Listed below is our entire offered gamut:
  • Military Boot and Shoes
    • Cheap Officer Shoes
    • China Officer Shoes
    • Combat Boot
    • Desert Boot
    • Dms Boot
    • Jungle Boot
    • Military Canvas Boot
    • Military Desert Boot
    • Officer Shoes
    • Police Shoes
    • Wholesale Cheap Officer Shoes
    • Wholesale Officer Shoes
  • Military Blanket
    • Army Polyester Wool Acrylic Blanket With Any Colors
    • Military Navy Blue Army Green Blanket With Polyester Wool Material
    • Wholesale Cheap Military Blanket
  • Military Belt
    • British Military 58 Pattern Webbing Belt With Canvas Cotton Material Bullet Pouches Green
    • Military Belt With Pp Polyester Nylon Webbing Desert Color Olive Green Black Color Canvas
    • Police Duty Belt Webbing Equipment With Canvas Leather Material For Handcuff Baton Key
    • Wholesale Cheap China Military Belt
  • Military Raincoat and Poncho
    • China Military Poncho Liner
    • China Military Raincoat
    • Wholesale Cheap Army Poncho Liner
    • Wholesale Cheap Military Poncho
  • Military Beret
    • Army Beret With 100% Wool Or Wool Mixes With Polyester Nylon
    • Army Police Officer Wool Uniform Handmade Embroidery Peak Cap
    • Police Wool Beret For Army wear And Police wear With Cotton Or Polyester Lining
    • Wholesale Cheap Military Beret
  • Military and Army Wool Great Coat
    • Cheap Military Long Coat
    • China Military Wool Overcoat
    • Khaki Army Green Navy Blue Color Military Wool Overcoat With Army Long Greatcoat
    • Wholesale Army Greatcoat
  • Military Textile
    • Camouflage Plain Color Ripstop Twill Waterproof Military Fabric
    • Digital Camouflage Ripstop Twill Army Police Use Fabric
    • Military Wool
  • Police Equipment
    • Anti-Riot Suit
    • Bulletproof Helmet
    • Bulletproof Vest
    • Explosion Proof Blanket
    • Gun Magazine
    • Handcuff
    • Jammer
    • Police Greatcoat
    • Police Jersey
    • Police Pullover
    • Police Sweater
    • Police Wool Overcoat
    • Polypropylene Pp Explosion Proof Blanket
    • Polypropylene Pp Stab Proof Vest
    • Road Block
    • Stab Proof Vest
    • Tactical Vest
    • Wholesale Cheap Tactical Vest
    • Wholesale Tactical Vest
  • Fire Product
    • Afff 1% 3% 6% Aqueous Film Forming Compound Foam Extinguishing Agent
    • Afff Low Viscosity Alcohol Resistant Fluoro-Protein Foam Concentrate
    • Climbing Rope
    • Gas Mask
    • Wholesale Cheap China Afff 1% 3% 6% Aqueous Film Forming Foam Extinguishing Agent
  • M65 Combat Jacket
    • China M65 Field Jacket
    • Wholesale Army Jacket
    • Wholesale Cheap China M65 Field Jacket
    • Wholesale Cheap M65 Jacket
  • T-Shirt
    • China Military T-Shirt
    • Wholesale Army T-Shirt
    • Wholesale Cheap China Camouflage T-Shirt
    • Wholesale Cheap China Officer Shirt
  • Sweater and Pullover
    • Cheap Military Pullover
    • China Military Sweater
    • Wholesale Cheap Camouflage Pullover
    • Wholesale Military Pullover
  • Outdoor Product
    • Aluminum Frame Military Camping Bed With Polyester
    • Army Alice Backpack
    • Army Backpack
    • Army Blanket
    • Army Goggle
    • Army Rucksack
    • Army Sleeping Bag
    • Army Tent
    • Camouflage Alice Backpack
    • Camouflage Backpack
    • Camouflage Net
    • Camouflage Pu Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Drone Backpack Style Carry Bag
    • Camouflage Sleeping Bag
    • Camouflage Tent
    • Commander Tent
    • Dynamic Rope
    • Emergency Tent
    • Gas Mask
    • Ghillie Suit
    • Hydration Bladder
    • Hydration Pack
    • Military Alice Backpack
    • Military Backpack
    • Military Blanket
    • Military Camping Bed
    • Military Canteen
    • Military Goggle
    • Military Mess Tin
    • Military Rucksack
    • Military Sleeping Bag
    • Military Sleeping Mat
    • Military Tableware
    • Military Tent
    • Military Water Bottle
    • Nylon Military Sleeping Mat
    • Refugee Tent
    • Relief Tent
    • Sleeping Bag
    • Static Rope
    • Sun Goggle
    • Un Refugee Waterproof Oxford Canvas Military Outdoors Tent For Army Use
    • Water Bladder
  • Other Products
    • Army Jersey
    • Army Wool Overcoat
    • Battle Dress Uniform
    • Bdu Hat
    • Cheap Bdu Cap
    • China Bdu Hat
    • China Military Bucket Hat
    • Field Jacket
    • Flight Jacket
    • Military Poncho
    • Military Poncho Liner
    • Officer Cap
    • Parka Jacket
    • Peak Cap
    • Wholesale Army Bonnie Hat

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