Bulletproof Vest With Plate

Bulletproof Vest With Plate
Bulletproof Vest With Plate
Product Description

Bulletproof Vest With Plate:The Bulletproof Plate is the heavy and cumbrous body wearers, used by soldier as well as law enforcement agent. This protective panels is made to provide protection from bullets shots. Providing excellent level of protection, this relatively thin plate can be easily worn under clothing. It is mainly used for military operatives and gives protection from fire as well. Offered Bulletproof Plate can retain its protective properties for long time. It ensures that you are safe from ballistic as well as other menaces. This should be be kept away from sunlight and water.

Material: Ballistic plate can be composed by PE only, Or PE+Alumina, Or PE+Silicon Carbide

Level: Bulletproof Plate can reach NIJ III Level, NIJ III+ Level,NIJ IV Level

Weight: depends what bullet to resist, like 2.5kg/pic, 2.75/pic,etc.

Category: ICW Or Stand alone

Bulletproof Jacket

Outer shell: it can be made of high quality Cordura fabric Â® Or common 600D Oxford fabric at buyers' option

Color: Army Green,Navy Blue, UN Blue, Black, White, Camouflage as per buyer

Bulletproof material layer: Yellow Aramid Ballistic material Or White UHMWPE Bulletproof material. The weight, the advantage, disadvantage of Aramid and UHMWPE are different.

Protection Part: Neck, Shoulder, Front, Back, Side, Groin as per different Army and Police tactical task.

Protection Area: 0.2-0.6 sqm

Ballistic Level: NIJ IIIA, to resist 9mm Or .44Mag. To use with bulletproof plate together, it can resist AK47.

Weight: As per different bulletproof jacket design and protection area,etc.

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